-9% SATA SSD HDD Caddy 9.5mm for Laptop

SATA SSD HDD Caddy 9.5mm for Laptop

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With HDD Caddy it is now easy to increase the storage space of your laptop or PC!

HDD Caddy replaces the optical drive and allows you to add a second internal hard drive to your laptop. Thanks to HDD Caddy there is no need to carry external hard drives or USB sticks anymore! HDD Caddy is also a great solution if you want to use a very fast solid state drive (SSD) in your laptop but still want to enjoy the flexibility of having large storage capacity. HDD Caddy is easy to install and works plug & play. First insert your own HDD or SSD in the HDD Caddy and then replace your optical drive (DVD or BluRay drive) with the HDD Caddy.
Enjoy the flexibility of having more storage space. It is suitable for laptops like Asus, Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Medion, Toshiba and more.